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The Woman in Cabin 10

The Woman in Cabin 10 is a murder mystery novel by Ruth Ware. Journalist Laura Blacklock believes she witnessed a murder in the cabin next door. But no one was booked for this cabin and all passengers and crew are accounted for. For this project, I re-read the book and cast all of the characters to prepare a poster and other marketing materials for a conceptual film adaptation.

Features & Focus:
Set including a poster, DVD and Bluray disk, case, and slip designs, and soundtrack and book designs
Design adaptability: Translating a complex design across a variety of sizes and platforms
Photoshop editing: Manually painting in lighting and advanced color correction and compositing
Print preparation: DVD and Bluray slips printed on foil paper with a specially-prepared white ink channel

More about The Woman in Cabin 10 project:
Murder mysteries typically involve a lot of characters, so I knew from the beginning that this was the style of poster I hoped to make. The arrangement was a little bit more difficult once I finally gathered enough images of high enough quality to create a full-size film poster. This poster is composed of 368 Photoshop layers. All of the highlights and catch lights in eyes, on chins, along hair, and so forth, were painted in manually. While the characters are shown in an abstract way, I wanted some consistency in lighting. I've included a breakdown that shows an overview of what goes into the process and how the layers are set up.

While re-reading the book, I noted the structure of the plot and ordering of events for use in conceptualizing a soundtrack, then designed an album and iTunes mock-up. The complete set includes a film poster, soundtrack mock-up, DVD box, DVD case wrap, DVD disk, Blu-Ray box, Blu-Ray case wrap, Blu-Ray disk, and book cover. I actually then executed all of these items, including the boxes with a foiled finish like you see on DVD and Blu-Ray boxes by printing on silver using a white ink channel.

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