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Delice Artisan Bakery

Delice is an artisan bakery that uses stacked text to give a vintage feel to a modern eatery. It utilizes texture and elements of the logo - including line work and iconography - throughout the brand.

Features & Focus:
Set including a sign, a menu, packaging, a website, advertisements, a mission poster, and an app.
Typography: Text stacking used throughout the brand
User Experience: Exploration of how a user navigates and utilizes app features
Iconography: Custom icons used on the menu and in the logo

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Mobile Motion

Meals on wheels are all too common, and having the option to order via a mobile device is an essential part of a bakery or any restaurant. Having created the visuals for a mobile app and done a UX map (pictured in the gallery above), I decided to visualize how the animations on the app might work. Here are two examples of what that might look like.

The first display is a loading animation, showing how the minor parts of the logo would be used as the app fires up and the other elements appear. The second display shows how the mobile menu opens and closes, with the hamburger menu transforming into an "x" and the menu interacting with other page elements.

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