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My focus during my four years at McPherson College has been on developing my design skills and adding to my portfolio. I've working extensively in the Adobe Suite on print, digital, and motion graphics to design that's bold and unique.
I've been taking photos for nearly a decade. My passion has been capturing georgeous landscape images across the U.S. and around the world. Over the years, I've expanded my photography to include products, nature, and more.
As important as design is, it's most potent when combined with a good marketing strategy and a distinct goal. Understanding how to adapt art to promote a product or service is a critical part of any effective business.

Echelon Airways

Delice Artisan Bakery

National Park Stamp Set

Silver Birch Fine Soap

Arcturus Conceptual Calendar

Museum of Light

Denver Conceptual Rebrand

The Woman in Cabin 10

Ligne Roset Luxury Furniture

American Explorer's League

Event Horizon Game

Kayo Fine Chocolate

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