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Denver Conceptual Rebrand

This is a conceptual re-brand for the city of Denver, Colorado. It uses a repetition of three elements in the logo and throughout the brand, letting the photography (which incorporates some of the brand colors) be the focus of this tourism-based branding.

Features & Focus:
Set including three posters, merchandise, a website, four alternate logos, and a magazine.
Information Grids: Use of line work to generate grids to divide up and draw interest to blocks of information
Sub-branding: Brand style applied to sub-brands for attractions and highlights within Denver
Web design and coding: Original design and coding for a one-page website

Click on any image for a larger preview.

Custom Coded Website

On this project, I decided to go a little further on the website and code the entire site from scratch. It uses a 100vh banner and different sections on a one-page site. Some javascript allows the main navigation to scroll smoothly down to each section. Hover effects highlight different options and links. To visualize the site, you can scroll through it in an image format to the left. If you're interested in seeing more, shoot me a message.

Use the scroll bar (or your finger on mobile) on the page to scroll through the site. Note that this is an image representation of the full site.

Title Animation

This logo and brand set is focused heavily on line work and multiple, repeated shapes. I decided to create a logo animation in conjunction with the green overlays used in some other parts of the brand to create a sort of intro, title sequence, or other moving logo display. This animation was created by using layered clouds over a background shot with 3D motion tracking to match the shot. The logo was animated between the clouds using effects and masks in After Effects.

Animation not playing smoothly? Check it out on YouTube here.

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