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The Lost City

The Lost City

Loretta Sage's novels are filled with ancient tombs and daring adventures, but that doesn't mean she's prepared for them in real life. When she is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire to locate a legendary lost city, Loretta's handsome cover model, Alan, sets off on a heroic but hapless rescue mission. Thrust into an epic thrill-ride through the jungle, the unlikely pair must work together to survive the elements, and survive each other, to find the city's fabled treasure before it's lost forever.

Project Highlights:
Designed this original key art which became the domestic teaser and international payoff
Created the title treatment for the poster and project
Created billboard, bus shelter, and other breakouts
Creative Director: Adam Waldman for The Refinery

This was a quick but fun project. It combines the epic and adventurous jungle landscapes with the dynamic comedy duo at the center of the film, and squeeze some extra humor and plot into the background.

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